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Briwax Touch Up Dye Pens

Briwax - the Professional Choice


Shake the closed pen 30 times. Balls inside must be audible.

Remove cap, tip in up right position and press tip down once to release pressure.

Let dye flow into the tip by pumping once (max. twice).

After use remove tip, rinse under warm water to clean. Dry with clean cloth.


Choose a touchup dye color similar to the light background color of the wooden surface.

To restore the grain color, choose a color similar to the grain color.

Apply the dye color by dotting or by small strokes.

Tone down excess touchup dye with 0000 Fine Steel Wool.


lnterior and exterior Use. UV Light Resistant.

Water based - protect from frost. 

Briwax Touch-Up Dye  Pen

Pine Dye Pen

Oak Dye Pen

Mahogany Dye Pen

Touching up an edge scratch with a dye pen

Pine Dye
Oak Dye
Mahogany Dye
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