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 Briwax Stayn Wax

Liquid Wax



 Stayn Wax is a combined stain and wax sealer. The "Antique Pine" shade produces an aged effect on new pine, very similar to caustic stripped old pine. Apply by brush or rag, allow to dry, and buff to a shine. Ideal for large areas such as staircases and skirting. For increased surface finish, liquid wax should be overcoated with Briwax wax polish with the desired shade.
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  • A Waterborne product which seals stain and waxes in one coat. Used on bare timber. Specially recommended for stripper pine or similar substrates.
  • New Timber: Clean and lightly sand to produce an even surface. Apply Staynwax with a soft cloth, do not apply too liberally. Brush with cloth or pine polishes brush, after allowing to dry for 10 minutes approximately.


  • Briwax Spirit and Water based stains can be applied (before the Staynwax) directly to timber, if a deeper color is required.
  • Staynwax will give an antique effect, such as stripped pine, when used on new timber. For a high sheen finish follow on with Briwax wax polish.

Color Range : Clear ; Antique Pine ;Medium Brown ; English Light Oak

Pack Size :

  • Clear & Antique Pine available: 500 ml.
  • Antique Pine ; Medium Brown ; Eng Light Oak available : 1 Liter & 5 Liter

Method Of Application : Brush, Spray or Rag.

Coverage : 10 sq./m per litter.

Drying Time (TOUCH) : 10 minutes.

RE-COAT : 10 minutes

Shelf Life : 12 months unopened.(Protect from frost).

Flash Point : N/A.

Thinners : Water.(if allowed to dry Methylated Spirit)

Finish : Waxed finish when burnished.

V.O.C.Level. : 315gms/litter.

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