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Shellac  Sanding Sealer  -1 pt

Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer is a high quality sealer produced using natural & traditional materials used since the middle of the 19th century. A fine quality natural sealer blended from bleached waxy grade shellac and metallic soaps. It has a medium wax content with the sealing properties being provided by the metallic soap. Briwax Sanding Sealer provides a good base which gives a high build and a more resilient finish to French polish or wax. Briwax Sanding Sealer is a 4lb cut of high quality shellac and is excellent for filling the pores of whatever you apply it to. Some might say a poor man's French Polish. It is excellent as a base for French polishing or Waxing untreated wood.

A polished effect can be achieved as follows:
  1. Shake well before use. Important: If stains are to be used, they should be applied first and allowed to dry thoroughly
  2. Prepare wood in the normal way, and apply Briwax Sanding Sealer by brush or cloth. Brushes clean in denatured alcohol.
  3. Allow to dry 30 min, then rub lightly with 0000 wool (or flour paper)
  4. Apply the natural finishes or waxes as directed. The best results will be achieved using Briwax or one of the Briwax Range of products as a finish coat.
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