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Teak Oil & Danish OilHutch Finished in Danish Oil






After wax polish, oil finishes are the easiest to apply and maintain. As the finish is in the surface, not on the top of it, they are particularly suited where shrinkage or movement in the timber is expected.

Danish Oil 250 ml tin


Briwax Danish Oil is a blend of oils and resins which seals, feeds and finishes all varieties of wood, without leaving a surface film to chip or scratch. Apply with a clean rag or brush to a well sanded surface. Drying time is between 4 and 8 hours depending on temperature. Brushes clean with white spirit. Danish Oil can be over coated with Briwax for softer sheen. When working with new woods, 2 or 3 coats will be necessary. When refinishing always ensure the previous surface coating has been removed to allow the Danish Oil to soak in. Further coats of Danish Oil can be applied at any time after cleaning the surface with white spirit. (500 ml)

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Teak Oil Tin 250 ml tin


Feeds and seals bare timber and is often used on garden furniture. Apply as you would Danish Oil to produce a soft sheen. (500 ml)


  • "Your Teak Oil is the best. Thank you." Diane Billings

  • "I thought I was in the middle of a TV infomercial! When I applied the Teak Oil to our 12-year old teak dining table, the difference was absolutely amazing. The L-shaped legs on one end had taken quite a lot of scuffing over the years, as I would sit and read the paper at that end of the table, resting my feet on the horizontal support part of the legs. When I rubbed on the Briwax Teak Oil, the scuff really disappeared like a magician's trick! I realize it may take a reapplication to give the wood all the reconditioning it probably needs, but I was certainly impressed. Thanks, too, for the _excellent_ packing job. ... If I need anything else along these lines, I know where to come and where to recommend my friends shop, too. Sincerely, John Doyle, Atlanta

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