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Contact us for genuine Briwaxtm, various wood care products, & a complete line of metallic wools of carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel from various makers. We carry Rhodes American® and Lustersheen™ brand metallic wools, and Excluder® Pest control fabric.
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Briwax Wood Care ~ 24 years & counting; first Briwax internet seller on the planet
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General product use questions on Briwax, finishing waxes and products of this nature can be emailed.

Roger Edwards has over 20 years of experience and expertise with using Briwax, and will answer your questions honestly and sincerely. Roger Edwards is not associated with the UK Briwax company or UK Briwax manufacturer.

Email to: rogeredwards@briwaxwoodcare.com

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Home | Contact Us | Briwax Product Info
1 - 800 - 274 - 9299
Voice Mail & Fax (212) 504 9550
Briwax Wood Care
Email the owners of this site here: rogeredwards@briwaxwoodcare.com

Roger Edwards is not an affiliate of Briwax, the Bollom Group or Briwax International US or UK.
Roger Edwards is not the US importer of Briwax, nor have we imported or been an importer of Briwax in the past. 

Use of Trademarks Policy (Posted 2/17/11):
Trademarks, including Briwax® Footnote #2, displayed on the briwaxwoodcare.com and briwax-online.com websites are the property of their respective owners. Our use of trademarks is not intended to imply, directly or indirectly, that those vendors endorse or have any affiliation with briwaxwoodcare.com or briwax-online.com. Our trademarks use is to identify the product that we are offering. It is our explicit intention that any trademarks are used fairly in connection with the trademark product in a manner that is unlikely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits the trademark property, or contrary to any manner that we have been granted a right Footnote#1 to do.
For any of these type issues please contact Larry Mann at: rogeredwards@briwaxwoodcare.com
Footnote 1.
  • Larry Mann was given the right to use Briwax® including its' use at briwaxwoodcare.com and briwax-online.com in 1998 by both Nicholas Dunning, Vice President of Briwax International, Inc. (US); and Alistair Robertson, Group Export Director, J W Bollom & Co Ltd (UK), J T Keep & Sons Ltd (UK), & Vice President and / or Director of Briwax International, Inc. (US), & Henry Flack International, Inc. (US), HENRY FLACK (1860) LIMITED (UK), J.W. BOLLOM & CO., LIMITED (UK) and The Bollom Group Ltd (UK).
  • In addition to the above, in July of 1998, Alistair Robertson of the UK OK'd for use by Larry Mann in the US the business name "Briwax Wood Care", that is why we are also known by this name, and use this name in association with the products we sell.
Footnote 2 ~ added 3/18/11
  • The J.W. BOLLOM & CO., LIMITED of the UK went into Administration (straight up bankruptcy / liquidation ) in 2007 and all brands / trademarks / intellectual property, including Briwax® were sold off. (See: http://www.bollom.com/ )
  • Bollom, the UK company started by Jack Bollom of London, was the owner of all Briwax trademarks and intellectual property prior to 2008.
  • A UK corporate shell, named "Blink Visual", purchased from the Bollom liquidators one of the Briwax brands / trademarks, and now holds the US trademark rights from the UK. ( Per latent documents filed with USPTO in July 2009; per the current Bollom website; and per Companies House of the UK).
  • On 1/17/08, Blink Visual of the UK, changed its name to BRIWAX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED , and is a UK corporation only. (per Companies House UK)
  • Briwax International, Inc. is a US corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas; does not and did not own the Briwax intellectual property and never had rights to the US intellectual property. (See USPTO website & Secretary of State of Texas) .
  • Briwax International Inc. of Texas was owned by Bollom of the UK prior to 2008.
  • Control and / or ownership of Briwax International Inc. US was passed on under a separate negotiation with the Bollom liquidators, conducted exclusively in the UK, at a later date following the sale of the prized US intellectual property, Briwax, to Blink Visual.
  • The US Intellectual property and the later sale of the US importer Briwax International Inc. US were sold off by the UK liquidators exclusively in the UK without notice to US parties with a fiduciary interest or business interest.
  • Briwax International Inc. of the US was liquidated in the UK, for the insignificant sum of approximately $2,400.00.
  • This information is based on recorded public documents from Companies House, Secretary of State of Texas, and USPTO, since for all practical purposes, all transactions to do with the UK liquidation of Bollom assets in the US were done secretly under the cover of darkness in the UK.