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Briwax Furniture Reviver & Cleaner

Briwax Furniture Reviver

Furniture Reviver
Cleans & Revives Old Polish; Removes Haze, Bloom & Water Marks

Designed to clean and revive highly polished finishes such as French Polish, varnishes or modern lacquers, removing haze, bloom and water marks.

  1. ) Shake well before use; Apply furniture reviver to a soft cloth and rub over the surface of the article to be revived.
  2. ) Polish up using a soft clean cloth, taking care to clean Polish Reviver off thoroughly
  3. Re polish occasionally using one of the Briwax Range of waxes. i.e. Sherdale

Available in 250 ML (Extra strong 1/2pt)

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Briwax Furniture Cleaner

Furniture Cleaner

Removes Dirt, Grime & Old Waxes from Woodwork

This product removes dirt, grime, smoke and old waxes from wooden surfaces without disturbing the patina or original finish.

  1. ) Apply liberally using a clean cloth or 0000 steel wool (ensuring that the wool is never dry) and rub gently with the grain. This will loosen the surface dirt which can then be wiped off with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. Allow to dry before refinishing. Always try a test area first.

Available in 250 ML (Extra strong 1/2pt)

Click here to purchase on line at the "Briwax On Line" Website

"To: sales@briwaxwoodcare.com
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2000 12 27 PM
Subject: Received your product

We received your products on Friday. I have to admit, they were a little melted, but this hot Louisiana weather is enough to melt anything.

We used the furniture revival product and the wax. I don't think we have ever used a product that did such a great job. Our dining room table is going on 25 years old, the pine finish was destroyed about 3 months ago when someone spilled orange juice and left it over night. You can just guess, how sick we were. It is a beautiful table and has been well used over the years

Any ways, your furniture Reviver worked, I mean it really, really worked. Not only did it take all the water marks out, it brought back the old finish and the shine, except for some deep marks, left by the children from doing homework on it. Our table is just like new. I know that we have spent 40 dollars on products that say they will do the same thing. If the reviver had not worked, I sure would have written you to complain. So I think its only fair that I write and let you know how great we thought it was to finally have a product do what they say it will do.

We want to thank you for being on the Internet, easy for us to find and for sending your product out at a reasonable price and so fast. We are definitely customers from now on.

Sincerely, James C and Mary A Short, Louisiana"


Check this 1920's tilt top out)   


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