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BRIWAX is splendid wax for fine wood furniture and antiques. When applied, it will first clean away all grime and old wax on the surface, and when buffed out with a clean cloth, it will leave a fine, lustrous wax coating that will enhance and protect your furniture. The most extreme remedy for an antique is stripping and refinishing. Careful thought should be given before the old finish is altered. The risk is transforming a valuable object into an oddity made of old lumber. An antique can be of interest for a number of reasons. Foremost, the finish is key to the value established at the quality auction house; years of wear and tear, abuse, even violence, contribute to the establishment of charm. Patina cannot be produced by brushing on a finish and declaring it as good as the original.

 Following is some furniture that was just recently "Briwax - ed" out. We don't have the before pics, but all pieces lacked any presence. Waxed out, they are now more than just yard sale finds or dulled out pieces to leave in ones garage or attic. More to come. Hope you check back.

Turn of the Century Needle Point Belgium Bench, wow what a difference with some Briwax

Ebonized Aesthetic Movement Wall Cabinet

Early  Rosewood Box Briwaxed out -  wow what a diference

Early (c 1830) Pine Wash Stand with  added Aesthetic Movement  Paint 1883

Turn of century box with paint. Nothing special, but Briwax has made it special.

 Stack of boxes. Rosewood box, primitive carpenters box c 1920, and blanket box

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